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Dept     : AGRI
Sem      : 5
Regul    : 2019
Faculty : Dr.K.Senthil Kumar
phone  : NIL
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  • Youtube Video

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    fuels and combustion
    Classifications of Fuels
    IC Engines
    IC Engines and Gas Turbines
    Working of Diesel Engines
    Air Compressors
    Maintenance of Boilers

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    Air Compressors
    IC Engines
    Fuels and Combustion
    Fuels and combustion

  • Lecture Notes

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    SFC, Engine efficiencies- Variables affecting performance characteristics,
    Indicated power, Brake power,
    Emission standards,
    Air compressors- Reciprocating, Rotary and Centrifugal types,
    Dynamometer types- Performance parameters ,
    Engine Testing and performance,
    Working principles of Stirling engines, Wankel rotary combustion engine,,
    Work done and Efficiency,
    Slip factor,
    Boilers – classification ,
    Working principle of fire tube and water tube boilers ,
    vertical and horizontal boilers - Principles, construction and operation,
    Cochran, Lancashire, Cornish, Scotch Boilers,
    Velox, Locomotive, Babcock and Wilcox boilers –Principles ,
    Boiler mountings and accessories ,
    Pressure regulators – Blow off fittings ,
    Boiler performance- Boiler operation, inspection

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    IC Engines,
    Gas Turbine,
    Air Compressor,

  • Lecture Notes

    Dear Students the Lecture Notes has been uploaded for the following topics:
    Fuels – types and properties,
    Higher and Lower heating values, their determination.,
    Combustion of fuels,
    Stoichiometric air requirement – Excess air,
    Gravimetric analysis and Volumetric analysis of products of combustion and their conversions,
    Fuels for IC engines,
    Octane Number Requirement (ONR),
    Diesel fuels- Cetane rating.,
    Classification- Engine components,
    Four stroke cycle- Principle-Valve timing diagram-P-V diagram ,
    Two stroke cycle- Principle- Valve timing diagram- P-V diagram,
    Spark ignition engine- Working principle,
    Spark ignition engine - Thermal efficiency,
    Compression ignition engine,
    CI Engines - Working principle and Thermal efficiency,
    Fuel pump and Injector. ,
    Gas engine –Working principle- Turbo charging. ,
    Comparison between CI and SI engines,
    Carburetion-Fuel injection,
    Engine friction and Lubrication-,
    Engine cooling,
    Scavenging in Two Stroke engines,
    Super changing of SI engines